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High capacity, high level, large airflow range, variable air pattern swirl diffuser for large volume spaces. Installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging. Adjustable blades affixed to a guide-ring assembly slide along a helical path over substantially radial fixed visible swirl vanes that are flush with the diffuser face, providing air direction adjustment (manual, thermal or electric) at a substantially constant pressure.

Airflow rate 

  • 70 – 4000 L/s (250 â€“ 14,400 m³/h) 

Discharge height

  • 2.5 – 15 m

Nominal neck sizes

  • DN250
  • DN355
  • DN500
  • DN710
  • DN1000 (in selected markets)


  • High capacity variable air pattern swirl diffuser for large volume spaces with high ceilings.
  • Substantially constant pressure manual, thermal or electric air pattern adjustment from horizontal to vertically downwards.
  • Air pattern adjustment via adjustable swirl vanes affixed to helically adjustable guide-ring - patents pending.
  • Helical twist of swirl vanes reduces vane pitch towards the periphery for increased airflow operating range.
  • Steep central swirl vane pitch increases airflow capacity and reduces pressure drop.
  • Four nominal neck sizes, each available with an optional reducer for reduced airflow.
  • Airflow rate range reduces by approximately 30% with each reduction in effective neck size.
  • Circular face shape standard for all sizes.
  • Optional square face for sizes DN250 - DN500, suitable for ceiling grids from 300 mm up to 600 mm, depending on diffuser neck size.
  • Installation freely suspended or flush with closed ceiling.
  • Substantially flush face with 20 radially off-set swirl vanes.
  • Similar aesthetic to HSC-FD.

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