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Round floor swirl diffuser with rotatable inclined air pattern, for location beneath auditorium or lecture theatre seating.

Airflow rate

  • 5 – 17 L/s (18 – 61 m³/h)

Nominal neck size

  • DN200

Discharge height

  • 0 m

Displacement airflow: Thermal displacement auditorium airflow, with low level supply from beneath seats into the occupancy microclimate. Heat and contaminants rise to a high layer of stratification by natural convection. Enhanced levels of indoor air quality are attained in the breathing zone.

Floor location: Air supply from beneath auditorium seats.
VAV dependent throw: Suitable for VAV applications. Horizontal coverage dependent upon airflow rate.

Adjustable direction: Rotatable inclined discharge pattern, to direct airflow away from legs.

Manual adjustment: Rotation of air pattern direction is manual.

Circular face shape: 200 mm nominal diameter round floor swirl face, plus mounting flange.

Radial face pattern: Substantially radially aligned slots provide high induction swirl discharge.

Concentric face pattern: Concentric slots provide inclined discharge.

Plastic face: Polycarbonate, dyed grey or to colour of choice.

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