Our online shop offers a variety of spare parts for your Evaporative Air Conditioning system. From Winter Covers to protect your system in the cooler months to new filter pads to ensure your unit is working at maximum efficiency when the weather warms.

We are an authorised dealer for a number of air conditioning brands. Browse through the categories or use the product search box to search for your unit model number and find the spare parts you need.


Filter pads clean out the air being circulated for maximum efficiency and add water to the air of your Evaporative Air Conditioner unit to cool it. When filter pads become worn out your Evaporator unit will need to work harder to cool the air or won’t work at all. Air Diffusion stock an extensive range of Filter Pads for over 400 units. We sell genuine pads for all the leading brands.

To find filter pads to fit your unit simply browse the filter pads by brand or enter your unit model number into the website search box. If you don't know your model number, just contact us with the filter pad measurements (height, width and thickness) and we will help you find the right pads for your unit. 

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