BONAIRE WINTER COVER (SUIT DS01, 11, 21, 31, 85, 95, 110, 125, VSM45, 52, 57) PDS01_1

winter covers
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SUITS: DS01,11,21,31,85,95,110,125,VSM45,52,57

When the weather cools in Autumn it’s time to cover your evaporative unit with a winter cover.

A cover will protect your evaporative unit from the winter elements, and prevent cool draughts entering the home when you’re trying to keep warm.


  • Come in four colour choices, Beige, Grey, Red and Green to complement your roof colour.
  • Waterproof
  • UV Stabilised
  • Rot resistant
  • Manufactured in 380gsm (grams per square metre)
  • PVC Double backed for durability (this means there is PVC on the back)
  • Guaranteed for 12 months, but lasts for many years.

Covers in stock will be dispatched within 1 business day. Covers not in stock can have up to a 30 day lead time.