BRAEMAR CHILLCEL PADS - PER PAD (SUIT RPA1000/1200/1300/1400/1500/1800) CRPA10009/1

crp10007 2325230
crp10007 2325230
PRICE (INC GST): $216.00 Out of stock Brand: BRAEMARBRAEMAR

SUITS: RPA1000, RPA1200, RPA1300, RPA1400, RPA1500, RPA1800 (Note:  RPA1000 & RPA1300 have 2 cabinet sizes)

These pads use the new breakthrough Mini-Cell ChillCel Pad Technology.

  • Revolutonary new Mini-cell structure boasts up to 21% more cooling capacity than before.
  • 25% more surface area and a new 4mm flute to dramatically improve cooling efficiency.
  • Manufactured at Seeley International Lonsdale-based factory in Adelaide, Australia.