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CLEAN AIR pressure can 250g. 

Clean Air Home & Office has been developed as a simple and economical way to clean and freshen HVAC systems and ductwork from large central systems to small wall units. A full treatment takes only minutes with no tools required. The results are immediate and long lasting. It cleans away odour causing residue in evaporators and drain pans, caused by growth of bacteria, algae, fungi and moulds. It leaves behind a durable invisible protective coating that bonds on a molecular level on ductwork linings, evaporators, drain pans and vents. It is leach resistant and non-migrating that protects from broad spectrum, biostatic activity on many surfaces and normally lasts approximately 3 months in HVAC systems. Heat transfer loss is not compromised due to the microscopic coating. In fact it can increase efficiency as it breaks down surface tension of condensate water allowing it to drain out of coils.