92 FEATURES Aluminium lightweight construction. Cog system allows blades to turn in sequence. Supplied with side plates fitted as standard for fixing to neck of diffuser or sheet metal duct. Maximum blade length 600mm per section. Matt Black Finish. DESIGN DETAILS (mm) Code O/All Size (mm) OBD1515 150 X 150 OBD2020 200 X 200 OBD2525 250 X 250 OBD3030 300 X 300 OBD3535 350 X 350 OBD4040 400 X 400 OBD4545 450 X 450 Stock Sizes ADOBD 81 12 OVERALL SIZE Damper Alternative sizes made to order OPPOSED BLADE DAMPER Model ADOBD STOCK SIZES APPLICATIONS A reliable volume control device that is easy to operate in both comercial and domestic applications to balance air distribution. These lightweight dampers are fitted directly to the back of grilles with fixing side plates usually by way of riveting. The opposed Blade action allows even distribution over entire face of the Diffuser and can be set in any position from fully open to fully closed.