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The Samsung 360° Cassette blade-less circular design allows for even cooling with minimal loss in air flow, helping to set a new standard for multi-directional cassette units.

Blade-less design means no louver vanes to obstruct air flow, maximising air flow delivery. The Samsung booster fan design enables directional air flow settings and the elegant finish blends harmoniously with your interior aesthetic.

The 360 Cassette combines revolutionary performance with an elegant design to suit most interior designed spaces. The unit features a stylish panel and an intuitive LED display of horizontal or vertical airflow operation setting. The user has the option to change the airflow direction to spot, wide, or swing, and the option to vary individually the airflow direction for each of the three quadrants to the 360 cassette unit, and all with a touch via a stylish hand held wheel dial remote controller (sold separately).

The 360 cassette unit is available with the option of a square panel or round panel (sold separately), and the flexibility to install the unit as a ceiling unit or as an expose unit, offering flexibility to suit the styling of most installation spaces.


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