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Friday, 28 February 2020 12:54

March Special - FREE gift card with Samsung Boracay

Receive a $100 Wesfield gift card when you purchase a 2.5-6.8kW Samsung High Wall Split this March.

The Boracay (AR4500 series) Hi wall Split Air Conditioner provides year round comfort control. Features include;

  • Auto Mode: Designed to automatically select the operating mode according to the temperature setting, so the Air Conditioner heats or cools as required maintaining the set temperature.
  • Turbo Mode: Operates the Air Conditioner unit at its maximum speed to quickly reach the set temperature.
  • Fan Mode: Helps circulate air around the room without using the cooling/heating functions.
  • Quiet Mode: Noice levels can be reduced when that extra quiet time is needed.
  • Good Sleep Mode:Good sleep mode automatically adjusts the air flow direction and fan speed to help provide a comfortable environment while you sleep, at a pre-set temperature and operating time set by you.


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