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DuctSox Fabric Duct Systems are an attractive and cost effective alternative to conventional metal ductwork. They are constructed of fabric and shaped as cylindrical tubes, similar to spiral metal ductwork. DuctSox are used to distribute and diffuse heated, cooled, refrigerated and make-up air. Our fabric duct systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork. 
In open ceiling architecture, traditional metal duct systems discharge air through side mounted metal diffusers usually spaced 3 to 4.5m apart. The air is directed to specific zones resulting in less efficient mixing of air in the occupied space and often causing drafting and hot or cold spots. DuctSox strives to be the leader in the industry through a commitment to quality, service, and innovation.
DuctSox products are used to distribute and disperse air in both Open and Finished Ceiling Architecture.
Different than conventional metal ductwork, DuctSox products are engineered and manufactured for each project. Designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts which incorporate fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, and transitions. Sections are zippered together to form extended lengths with diameters from 200mm – 1,525mm.  Whether industrial, retail, education, commercial, government, warehousing, laboratory, food processing, temporary or permanent, DuctSox offers a proven choice. 
SkeleCore FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) stands alone as the only textile ducting/diffuser system that provides cylindrical tensioning to keep the fabric round and taut at all times. SkeleCore FTS maintains the same appearance with or without any air pressure in the duct. SkeleCore FTS is ideal when higher aesthetic value is desired, when cycling is frequent, or when systems are designed with variable air volume. SkeleCore FTS eliminates disruptive tendencies such as motion and noise upon AHU start-up, especially in hard start applications.
Features, Advantages, and Benefits:
• Keeps textile duct round and taut at all times
• Eliminates fabric sagging, drooping, and wrinkles
• Prevents inflation pop at start-up
DuctSox Corporation, headquartered in Peosta, Iowa, is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial fabric air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications.  Our fabric systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork and diffusers. They are easy to install, have low material waste on the jobsite, and offer many other Green advantages.
For more information phone our Commercial Estimators on (08) 8417 8510, or visit the manufacturer's site at http://www.ductsox.com