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Aldes Constant Airflow Regulators range to balance airflows in the ventilation or air conditioning ductworks.

• Multi-airflow (on-site airflow setting)
• Tool-free airflow setting
• Best airflow regulation due to silicone membrane
• Optimum silent operation
• Differential pressure range:
     50 to 250 Pa for standard version 
    150 to 600 Pa for high pressure version
The constant airflow regulator balances the airflow in the air conditioning ductworks. It easily fits into a part of the circular ductwork to maintain constant and reliable airflow within a wide range of differential pressure.
Its flexible bulbs inflates and deflates according to the pressure difference between upstream and downstream of the module, thus modifying the free area of the module. This principle guarantees constant airflow regardless of the aeraulic variations in the ductwork.
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