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Linear ceiling slot diffuser with high induction micro-jet discharge, manually adjustable barrel nozzles through 90° from horizontal through diagonal to vertical discharge air streams, for installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging.  Available with 1-way or 2-way blow patterns. Suitable for low temperature supply air (≥ 5°C) and VAV with turndown to 22-28% @ ?â?ó?é?ê?é?åTsupply-room = -12 K. Enhanced ADPI ≥ 90% from approx. 1 L/s/m2 to approx. 15 L/s/m2.  May be mounted flush with ceiling or free-hanging.

Volume flow rate 

  • 6 – 228 L/s/m (22 – 821 m³/h/m)

Nominal length

  • 1050 mm
  • 1200 mm
  • 1350 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • Other lengths and joining strips available on request
  • Available with or without end flanges

Element width

  • Flangeless: n x 28 + 3 mm, where n = number of rows (1 to 6 rows)
  • Flanged: n x 28 + 20 mm, where n = number of rows (1 to 6 rows)

Discharge height

  • 2.4 – 4 m


The SMARTEMP Linear Multistream Ceiling Diffuser, type LMC-AD, is a high induction, multi-microjet linear slot diffuser with adjustable barrel nozzles, which is available with 1-way (adjustable through 90° for horizontal through diagonal to vertical discharge) or 2-way discharge patterns (each direction adjustable through 90° for horizontal through diagonal to vertical discharge).  

The diffuser may be flush mounted in a ceiling or freely suspended (ie no Coanda attachment to the ceiling required). The diffuser’s 1 to 6-row linear slots (greater slot numbers available on request) comprise a multitude of nozzles with manually adjustable discharge direction adjustment to produce high induction discharge by breaking up the supply air stream into many miniature jets.  The barrel nozzles are made of polycarbonate, dyed black or white, and are located in aluminium extrusions that are anodised or powder coated.

High aspiration causes intense mixing at the diffuser discharge face, strongly diluting the supply air stream with large quantities of room air. High induction provides rapid temperature equalisation of the supply air stream with room air, preventing cold air dumping, thereby ensuring uniform temperature distribution and high comfort levels in the space. Heating performance is also improved. High induction also produces a strong increase in supply air stream mass flow rate, as well as rapid discharge velocity decay. As a result, at any given airflow rate, the SMARTEMP LMC-AD diffuser is suitable both for long throws (due to the supply air stream's high momentum) as well as short throws (due to the supply air stream's low velocity).

The SMARTEMP LMC-AD diffuser may be used in CAV systems, as well as VAV systems, including low-temperature supply air systems with ΔTsupply-room < 16 K. Minimum turndown = 22-28% at ΔTsupply-room = -12 K. Due to high induction micro-jet discharge, the effective air changes per hour in the space are increased, allowing minimum specific airflow rates as low as approximately 1 L/s/m2 when the diffuser is fully turned down, whilst maintaining enhanced comfort of 90% ADPI. Due to the rapid discharge decay characteristics of the micro-jet discharge, a high maximum specific airflow rate of 15 L/s/m2 may be achieved at 90% ADPI. .

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