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New Products

The Security Relief Vent is specifically designed for evaporative air conditioning systems. It eliminates the need to have doors or windows open so you can cool your home securely.  You can run your evaporative air conditioner while you are out,…
The ADA Ductboard™ system conforms to the design requirements of AS 1170.4, NZS 4219 and other International Seismic Codes and have been successfully tested using AS 60068.3.3 Environmental testing: Guidance - Seismic test methods for equipment.
The Super Pump has been developed from many years of research of evaporative air conditioning units in Australia. This Evaporative Cooler Pump provides superior motor cooling with a fine mesh filter basket and stainless steel shaft to ensure years of trouble…
Platinum Flex™ Flexible Duct is arguably the most durable duct on the market. With its reinforced outer jacket and tough polyethylene inner lining, this duct is resistant to tearing during installation and operation in the roof space. 
Our patented Duct Suspension System has been designed in accordance with the building code of Australia's full industry requirements, unlike alternatives such as Gutter Guard and Blue Strapping.
The Platinum II Zone Control System is a unique 8 zone air conditioning control system.
Model 9 ls the perfect ceiling fan for any commercial space. It Is sleek and slim, Incorporating a combination of advanced motor technologies and minimalistic design.
Air Diffusion Agencies' FASTclip™ Return Air Grille with V form filter is the most efficient, stylish and EZY® to install on the market.  It is designed with clean, modern architectural lines and incorporates fast action fixing significantly reducing installation time.
Superslab is the world's first completely adjustable condenser base to suit outdoor units of split system air conditioners. It comes in a compact cardboard box which saves space in your van and keeps three separate pieces and four uniquely designed runner…
Air Diffusion is at the forefront of designing innovative seismic restraint components which serve to limit the movement of equipment and to keep the equipment captive during a seismic event.