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Platinum Elite Zone Control System

Platinum Elite is a new zoning system giving you the power to adjust airflow to every room and maximize the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. 

Comfort is feeling totally in control, no matter the season! Comfort is reliability, that’s why Platinum Elite components are designed and tested in Australia.


Energy Efficient

Throughout the day, cooling requirements may change for individual rooms with some becoming hotter or cooler than others. The Platinum Elite senses this and adjusts airflow to maintain a consistent temperate, keeping you comfortable and saving you on energy bills by not overheating or overcooling rooms.

 Platinum Elite adjusts to suit temp through day

Personalised settings

To keep everyone in the family happy you can program up to 15 personalised ‘Favourite’ settings, with customised room names and colours. Use standard room names like “Living Room” or create your own, like “Jack’s Room”.

Platinum Elite saving energy and money

Platinum Elite App 

Everyone wants to come home to a warm home in winter and a cool home in summer and with the Platinum Elite App you can. Use the app to turn your air conditioner on when you leave work so you come home to comfort.

Platinum Elite tablet and mobile app 

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