Polyester Insulation

Great for the environment

Consumers, both commercial and domestic, have very sound reasons to specify polyester insulation.

Much of the raw materials used in its manufacture is recycled polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T) clear plastic beverage containers.

Our polyester is 100% recyclable and has a zero ozone depleting potential (ODP). It does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), or corrosive chemicals. Our Polyester is Global GreenTag certified which means it’s passed the world’s toughest standards to protect you, and your family’s health and safety. Importantly choosing our polyester, over other insulation options, will minimise your impact on our fi nite planet.

The polyester that is commonly used in bedding, clothing and even the pillow you sleep on, is made of the same fibre that makes Air Diffusion Insulation.

Common Fiberglass insulations on the market can cause eye, skin and nose irritation, breathing diffi culties, a sore throat, hoarseness and coughing. Polyester however, sheds no dangerous fibres and is approved to be used in asthma friendly buildings by Asthma Australia.

Meeting your needs

We are able to customise product thickness, density and size and happy to work with you to develop the right product for your project.

A Local Family Business

100% Australian family owned and managed, Air Diffusion Agenices’ employ over 150 staff in 7 locations around Australia.

The polyester insulation plant has been in operation since 2003 (trading as Auspoly International and Fibreco Holdings).

Whilst names have changed the quality and service has only strengthened and we continue to be the number one supplier of premium insulation.

As well as premium polyester insulation, we offer a complete range of air conditioning products including flexible ducting, fittings, ductboard and sheetmetal components, grilles, zoning equipment, spare parts and units.

We really are your one stop trade centre!

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