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ActronAir is a proudly Australian company recognised for making world-class air conditioners. Their wide range of reliable and energy efficient products includes wall hung splits, multi head units, cassettes, low profile ducted systems, split ducted systems, and packaged units.
  • The ActronAir Serene Series 2 wall hung split system is a premium split system solution for Australian homes.

  • ActronAir’s Classic ducted system is engineered to deliver better comfort with better control, to heat or cool your whole house, or just a few areas.

  • The Actron Cascade Cassette is a perfect fit for suspended or ‘floating’ ceilings, the ceiling mounted cassette system covers a wide range of applications, such as residential, retail and commercial spaces.

  • The ActronAir Ultra Slim Ducted has one of the lowest heights of any ducted unit in its category, It not only gives you more flexibility when it comes to installation, but ensures optimal comfort without compromise.

  • The ActronAir Commercial Ducted air conditioning system is the perfect packaged solution for retail and light commercial installations. That could be anything from doctor’s surgeries to restaurants to classrooms to offices.

  • The ActronAir Variable Capacity Commercial series has been specifically developed to provide flexible, energy efficient performance with advanced control functionality. Perfect for retail and light commercial applications it comes packed with added value and a host of advanced features included as standard.

  • ActronAir’s Advance combines the world leading Tru-Inverter compressor with unique Variable Fan Technology to deliver the perfect amount of heating or cooling, right down to a fraction of a degree, providing the best in comfort and energy efficiency.

  • AIRES Inverter split ducted systems, along with its control and zoning options are designed to support the way Australians truly live, delivering enhanced comfort and energy savings. Revel in quality and comfort all year round and experience the peace of mind that comes with a dependable and efficient comfort solution.