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Wind-Free™ Compact 4-Way Cassette SMCI-SMCO


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Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Compact 4-Way Cassette (600 x 600) is the latest in air conditioning innovation. With its specialised blades, adjustable operation and seamless blend of style and utility, the 4-way cassette can enact efficiency and sustain comfort in a plethora of environments.


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Cooling with micro holes

The Wind-Free™ * 4-Way Cassette pushes air out through 15,700 micro holes in the panel, producing a dispersed and gentle flow called "still air"*. The uniform air distribution effortlessly keeps a room cool while avoiding the conventional discomfort of cold drafts*.

Wide cooling range

The large, optimised blades enable a wide cooling range, resulting in good air circulation. In this way, a room can be cooled fast and with limited dead zones.

4 way wind free

Hands-free comfort

A 2-Step Cooling system cools air fast in Fast Cooling mode, before automatically switching to Wind-Free™ .* Cooling to maintain the desired temperature once it is reached, this way you stay comfortable without a need to change the settings.

4 way wind free hands free

Smart comfort operation

The Wind-Free™ * 4-Way Cassette cools a room to your comfort zone fast, before switching to Wind-free* Cooling mode automatically to help maintain that comfortable temperature.

4 way wind free smart comfort


*Illustration indicative of modes. Actual effect will vary.
*ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines ‘Still Air’ as air currents at speeds below 0.15m/a which lacks the presence of cold drafts. The device provides cooling below this speed in Wind-Free Cooling mode.