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Samsung Duct S2 indoor units use the next generation R32 refrigerant to run with less impact to the environment.

Low running cost

Highly efficient compressor and refrigerant delivering air conditioning helps avoid a hefty bill. A 10kW model boasts AEER of 3.69 and ACOP of 4.09.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a lower GlobalWarming Potential (GWP) than conventional refrigerants.

Created with Australian conditions in mind

It is designed to keep on working, even on those extremely hot or cold days, with an operating range of -15°C to 50°C outside air temperature for cooling, and -20°C to 24°C for heating, you can be assured that your unit will work when you need it.^

Powerful performance for multiple applications

Powerful indoor fan unit that helps enable good air distribution to multiple outlets, distributing air to where you need it when you need it, maintaining your comfort.

Compact and robust

Low profile and light weight making it easy to install and maintain. The Duct S2 indoor units are slim in design: 250mm in unit height for 5 to 8.5kW models and 300mm for 10 to 14kW models.


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