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DuctSox Fabric Duct Systems are an attractive and cost effective alternative to conventional metal ductwork. ...Read more

DuctSox Fabric Duct Systems are an attractive and cost effective alternative to conventional metal ductwork.

They are constructed of fabric and shaped as cylindrical tubes, similar to spiral metal ductwork. DuctSox are used to distribute and diffuse heated, cooled, refrigerated and make-up air. Our fabric duct systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork. 
Features, Advantages, and Benefits:
  • Simplified Design & Uniform Air Dispersion
  • Cost Savings - 20 to 80% less than metal
  • Lightweight & Easy to Ship
  • Quiet - DuctSox fabrics provide noise absorption benefits in the occupied space
  • Air Porous - eliminate the risk of condensation
  • Hygienic - fabrics feature an active antimicrobial agent
  • Easy to Maintain/Clean - DuctSox systems, it can be easily removed and laundered
  • Forgiving - DuctSox fabrics will not dent
  • Colourful/Personalisation: Variety of standard colours and patterns, including custom colours
  • GREEN Advantages - Recycled options; IAQ; Conserved Resources; Lower Construction Costs
Fabric Ductwork vs. Metal Ductwork

In open ceiling architecture, traditional metal duct systems discharge air through side-mounted metal diffusers usually spaced 3-4.5 M apart. The air is directed to specific zones resulting in less efficient mixing of air in the occupied space and often causing drafting and hot or cold spots.

With a DuctSox System, the air is discharged more uniformly along the entire length of the DuctSox system providing consistent and uniform air dispersion in the occupied space. Uniform air dispersion means better air mixing. Higher entrainment ratios result in consistent throw performance for orifices or linear vents. Conventional systems with high volume diffusers result in significant performance differences from heating to cooling due to buoyancy and volume of changes.
ductsox metal vs fabric
Fabric Duct vs. Sheet Metal Duct Study

Fabric duct is also 24.5% more efficient than conventional sheet metal duct and diffuser systems, according to a recent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) energy study performed by the Iowa State University Mechanical Engineering Dept. in Ames, Iowa. The 10-month-long study, “Thermal Comparison Between Ceiling Diffusers and Fabric Ductwork Diffusers for Green Buildings,” proved fabric diffuser systems heat rooms faster and more uniformly to satisfy temperature set points. This results in reduced mechanical equipment runtime, thus saving energy in the process. Read further information about this study.

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