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SUITS: BRAEMAR RPA6/8/9/300-500, FP6, FG6, TBO125 ...Read more

SUITS: BRAEMAR RPA6/8/9/300-500, FP6, FG6, TBO125

These woodwool pads come in a set of 6 and suit the following units:

  • BRAEMAR RPA6, RPA8, RPA9, RPA300, RPA350, RPA400, RPA500


Filter pads clean out the air being circulated for maximum efficiency and add water to the air of your Evaporative Air Conditioner unit to cool it. When filter pads become worn out your Evaporator unit will need to work harder to cool the air or won’t work at all. 

Woodwool filter pads are made of shredded wood slivers. The wood slivers are packaged into pads ranging in thickness between 3-5 cm and fitted to the evaporative cooler on the inside of the louver. Woodwool evaporative cooler pads are commonly used in older model air conditioners. Woodwool filter pads normally last 1-2 years depending on water quality. 

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Remove filter pads from your unit as per instructed in the user manual for your unit. 

When replacing pads with wood wool, ensure that the wood wool is distributed evenly throughout the frame and any protruding strands are pushed back in. Particular attention should be paid to the corners and edges so that air cannot bypass the pad.

New filter pads can take some time to become conditioned and uniformly saturated when water is first applied. A characteristic odour of wet timber may be experienced during this period.

It is also recommended to gently rinse your filter pads with water annually to clean the pads and remove any dust build-up.

Unsure if these are the correct filter pads for you or if your filter pads need changing? Click here for some helpful information

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