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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:19

Do your Filter Pads need changing?


What are Filter Pads and why they should be replaced every few years?

Filter pads clean out the air being circulated for maximum efficiency and add water to the air of your Evaporative Air Conditioner unit to cool it.

When filter pads become worn out your Evaporator unit will need to work harder to cool the air or won’t work at all.

Failure to replace filter pads when they are past their useful life may result in reduced efficiency/performance of the air conditioner. Water may carry over into the duct work and/or electrics, which may result in expensive damage and repairs.

filter pad diagram     

How often should Filter Pads be changed on my Evaporative Air Conditioning unit?

For optimal performance Filter pads should be changed every few years, depending on the pads used, your water quality, local conditions and how often your evaporative cooler is used.

If you’re unsure if your filter pads need changing we suggest referring to the unit’s Owner's Manual or contacting an air conditioning professional.

filter pads new vs old installed

What is the difference between Woodwool and Celdek/Chillcel Filter Pads?

The two main types of Filter Pads available in Australia are Woodwool and Celdek. Both types of pads are designed with high water-to-air contact area to promote water evaporation.

Woodwool filter pads are made of shredded wood slivers. The wood slivers are packaged into pads ranging in thickness between 3-5 cm and fitted to the evaporative cooler on the inside of the louver. Woodwool evaporative cooler pads are commonly used in older model air conditioners. Woodwool filter pads normally last 1-2 years depending on water quality. 

Celdek filter pads are made from cellulose sheets in a honeycomb structure. Woodwool filter pads are being replaced by Celdek filter pads as they have a higher saturation efficiency and much longer life span. Celdek filter pads normally last 4-5 years depending on water quality. Some other names for Celdek pads include Chillcel pads, Filtercool pads and Ecopads.

woodwool and celdek pads 

Where can I get new Filter Pads for my unit?

Air Diffusion stock an extensive range of Filter Pads for over 400 units. We sell genuine pads for the following leading brands, Breezair, Coolair, Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Celair, Convair, Avair, Murraycraft, Honeywell, and Carrier.

Use the advanced search page to find the Filter Pads to suit your unit by searching by the brand or unit model number. If you don't know your model number, just contact us with the filter pad measurements (height, width and thickness) and we will help you find the right pads for your unit. 

Filter Pads can be ordered online or by purchasing in store at your nearest ADA store.

Filter pads in stock will be de dispatched within 1 business day. 


celdek filter pads new vs old