Seismic Rubber Mounts

Air Diffusion is at the forefront of designing innovative seismic restraint components which serve to limit the movement of equipment and to keep the equipment captive during a seismic event.

We have an extensive range of vibration control equipment including Ductboard and anchor systems, duct suspension systems, seismic mounts and a full range of Anti-Vibration equipment.

Our products address the requirement to restrain engineering services against seismic forces in accordance with Section 8 of AS 1170.4 - 2007;

Seismic rubber mounts are designed to protect mechanical equipment from the extreme forces of a seismic event, whilst providing superior vibration isolation during normal use. 

These seismic mounts have been rigorously tested to AS60068.3.3 (see video below) and the patented method for adjustability allows the ultimate flexibility in height positioning and adjustment.  With multiple sizes and rubber hardness, there is an optimum solution for all types of mechanical installations.  When selected correctly, these seismic mounts are designed to suit the design requirements of AS 1170.4, NZS4219 and other international seismic standards. 

arm100 webSpecifications:

  • Designed in Australia to suit requirements of AS 1170.4 Structural design actions Part 4: Earthquake actions in Australia NZS 4219:2009 Seismic performance of engineering systems in buildings
  • Tested using AS 60068.3.3:2003 Environmental testing - Guidance: Seismic test methods for equipments
  • Patented adjustable height design
  • Patented fixing method to channel strut for the ASRMU40
  • 4 sizes and multiple rubber duro in each size to suit many applications
  • Oil resistant neoprene rubber mounts
  • Dacromet coated steel fittings


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For more useful information see also: AIRAH fact sheet - Seismic Restraint of Engineering Services