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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 16:21

ADA mounts and supports approved for seismic use

Experience from around the world shows that failure of engineering services as a result of an earthquake can have a significant effect on life safety and economic loss.

A common misconception in the building industry is that only the primary structural frame of a building needs to be considered for earthquake actions, this is not the case. Non-structural components of a building and their fastenings need to be designed for earthquake forces as required by AS1170.4

The seismic loads that engineering services must be designed to resist are calculated using Section 8 of AS 1170.4 Structural design actions Part 4: Earthquake actions in Australia. The standard requires that engineering services be designed to resist earthquake forces except where the services are located in domestic structures less than 8.5m tall and “Importance Level One” structures. The Standard is applicable to equipment mounted on structures as well as on the ground, such as high voltage circuit breakers, transformers and tanks.

ADA has designed and patented a range of mounts, and supports, approved for seismic use and suitable for air conditioning units, pumps, compressors, motors and other items that require vibration solutions.

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See also: Seismic Restraint of Engineering Services (Fact Sheet from the Government of South Australia Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure)